My Mom's Medical Mystery: Part 2

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

After class, I decided to call off work and visit Mom in the hospital. My family and school (I also had a ton of homework to do) will always be more important to me than working for Walmart. Oh, and when I tried to talk to a manager over the phone, whoever was on the other end wasn't paying attention or something because all I heard were people talking in the background. I repeated myself like 5 times, so hopefully they got the memo. Anyway,s Mom had an MRI today around 2:30. I got to the hospital with Amy and Dad at about 3:45 and she was still having the MRI done. Now the doctor is thinking she doesn't even have Shingles. Instead, it could be a pinched nerve or a disc in her spine that's bothering her. The MRI results won't be ready until tomorrow, so she's staying in the hospital overnight again.

A nurse wheeled her into the room around 4:00 and she looked very relaxed. It turns out that the doctor gave her Xanax because she was complaining of her claustrophobia (I'm pretty sure that was the other drugs talking because she's never mention being claustrophobic before). She was still very loopy, but she said the pains she was having are gone for the most part thanks to all the medicine. 

By the time she got back, she was ready for dinner ( "dinner" meaning anything on the "clear liquid diet" menu). She got some chicken broth, italian ice, grape juice, and hot tea. She hasn't eaten real food for 2 days, and today she finally got her hunger back. The nurse called the doctor, and he said she could have solid food again. You should have seen the look on my mom's face when she found out she could order a grilled cheese. It was priceless! 

After we left the hospital and had been home for a while, Mom called. She seemed a lot better just by the sound of her voice. She wasn't slurring her words as much, and her voice wasn't as raspy. Amy and I even managed to get a laugh out of her. Being able to eat real food must have helped a lot. 

Tomorrow is a whole new day, so let's hope the MRI will give us an answer as to what's been causing so much discomfort.
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