5 Ways to Support Your Favorite Blogs

Saturday, July 30, 2011

There are many ways to show your support for the cause of your favorite blogs/websites.
1. Follow them on social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
Most websites/blogs have a facebook page and/or twitter account. They use these to stay in touch with their readers. Likewise, readers will receive their posts/tweets when new content is posted. It is win-win. Even if you don’t read everything that they post, simply following them will encourage them.
2. Look out for Ads
When a website has advertisements they receive revenue when someone clicks on an ad. Be careful to not click on every ad indiscriminately (as this is usually considered abusive), but if you see an interesting ad while visiting a site you want to support you should click it and let the page load. Ads from Google are safe and generally reliable (meaning they screen the sites for viruses and malware). Your click will help financially support the website and could lead you to another interesting site or service!
3. Share, Re-post, Re-tweet…
When you read an article, blog, or any kind of webpage you find useful, informative, or just plain entertaining, you can post that link to your facebook/twitter and help your friends and followers access the same information. The more people who come into contact with the material the more effective it is. Bloggers and writers have a desire to impact peoples lives, you help them make a better impact when you re-post their material.
4. Amazon Associates
Some websites are signed up with Amazon Associates. This also helps generate revenue for the website. The way it works is Amazon gives a special link to the site. When you click through this link and make a purchase Amazon pays a commission to the site that referred you to them.
5. Donate Money Directly
This more traditional method of support is also available. Ff you enjoy a blog's material and want to see them create more, then consider donating money. Look for an address to mail a check or you can often donate online. Methods such as PayPal are safe, reliable, and fast ways to show your support.
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