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The Official Queen of Pop According to Rolling Stone is...

Friday, July 01, 2011

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After careful analysis of the many aspects that make up being an ultimate pop icon, Rolling Stone has announced that this generation's Queen of Pop is none other than Lady GaGa.

Yeah, Beyonce might have more Grammys (6 to 4) and Taylor Swift might've sold more albums (9.8mil to 7.1) and Rihanna might have more YouTube hits (1,248,054,624) and P!ink might have had a higher-grossing tour (150mil to 148.6mil), but GaGaloo has them beat with not only holding a high rankings in each of those categories, but having the highest total airplay ranking of the last 3 years, the best performance on the Billboard Top 100, the highest grossing digital sales AND the most combined followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Just like Shakira's hips, the facts don't lie. Lady Gaga has changed the world just like she said she would, "one sequin at a time." GAGA QUEEN!
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