Those Feathers in Your Hair? They Came From A Rooster's Butt and Killed it!

Monday, July 25, 2011

flickr: HyundaiCardWeb
That's right. Those feather "hair extensions"  made popular by singers such as Kesha, Steven Tyler, and Miley Cyrus come from the backside of a rooster, and the roosters eventually die after their feathers are plucked. If they survive, they're euthanized anyway.

Is it really that important or trendy to have the killing of animals be the result? Can just being in style justify that?

I am wondering, do the women (and maybe men) running to the salon really know that these feathers are not just casually plucked? Do they know that the animals are bred specifically for this in a warehouse-type environment, and killed so they can show off colorful and expensive feathers in their hair that will only last for a few months? 

If you want to by stylish without killing animals in the process, there is another option. PETA has provided instructions on a DYI version feather "hair extensions." They're much cheaper, and don't do any harm to animals.

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