iPhone 5 Features

Sunday, August 07, 2011

There have been rumors upon rumors upon rumors upon rumors about the new iPhone coming out this September, October, or next year sometime. Either way, these are so features I hope the next generation iPhone has.

  • 4G
    This might be too much to ask for so soon, but faster is always better in the smartphone world.

  • Higher Megapixel Cameras
    Apple needs to catch up to other cell phone manufacturers. 5 megapixels can't compete with 8.

  • 3G (preferably 4G) Facetime
    There have been so many times I wish I could use Facetime with someone, and we couldn't because we needed a wi-fi signal! 

  • More Voice Control Commands
    How great would it be if you could say "Tweet" and your iPhone pulls up Twitter? Each app should have its own voice command. 

  • Wireless Syncing
    This feature is already confirmed by Apple in their iOS 5 update coming this fall, which is really exciting!

  • Custom Vibrations
    Assign unique vibration patterns to people in Contacts. 

  • Create Your Own Text Tones
    I've created numerous ringtones through GarageBand and transfered them to my phone through iTunes, and I wish it were possible to do so with text tones. So many people have iPhones now that sometimes while in public I'll hear an iPhone text tone and think it's my phone ringing when it's not.

  • Speech to Text
    Have you ever just been tired of texting, and wish you could "speak a text." I know I have. Combined with a Twitter voice command, you could be a tweeting machine.

  • Larger Display
    The Retina display is beautiful, and who wouldn't want to have more beauty in their life?

  • Same Pricing
    iPhones are relatively affordable, and hopefully the new features don't jack up the price. 
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